So you want to talk HyperLocal?

Some great resources and players that we’ve been learning from lately in the world of hyper local content…

The Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership’s learning lab has presented 11 speakers this summer on news technology.  Our favorites:

  • Shazna Nessa, Director of Interactive at the Associated Press, talks about bringing tech innovation into larger organizations.
  • Amanda Cox, a graphics editor at the New York Times, talks about the work their group of 25 people are doing.  Great perspectives on simplify data graphically.  ”Everyone wants to know about their neighborhood.”

The people at Street Fight Magazine are focusing on hyper local content and are sponsoring a conference in NYC next month.  Lots of good news and info on the space.

And Tackable has released an excellent iphone app that shows local data on maps, allows people to add their own content, and take news gathering assignments.  They also just release an iPad app – TapIn.

We also like Oakland Local.  It’s a web-only local community focused web/news site run by Susan Mernit.  Looking to see innovation in motion, and new thought for the space, take a look.

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